Fundación Acción contra el Hambre


Acción contra el Hambre is a global humanitarian organisation that has been taking decisive action against the causes and effects of hunger for almost 40 years. One of the key goals is the creation of methodologies to boost local economies and markets in low- and middle-income countries, allowing people to be generators of their own development. Since 2012, Acción contra el Hambre has worked in Spain through the Employability and Entrepreneurship Strategy to facilitate access to the professional world for people at risk of socio-labour exclusion. In 2016, Acción contra el Hambre started to work in Vocational Education and Training, towards the provision of a quality education for all, for better access to sustainable livelihoods, and decent employment. Through this strategy and under the umbrella of the European Network of Innovation for Inclusion, Acción contra el Hambre fosters the exchange of best practices and innovation at European level in order to create a more inclusive labour market.

Agencija Za Strukovno Obrazovanje I Obrazovanje Ordraslih


The Agency for Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education (AVETAE) was established by the Act on the Agency for Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education Act, founded by the Republic of Croatia and administered by the Ministry of Education AVETAE activities include the planning, development, organisation, implementation, monitoring and improvement of the system of vocational education and training and adult education. The Agency promotes a vision of an accessible and flexible system of vocational and adult education, based on competences, in the function of fulfilling the needs of each individual and society, the carrier of the economy development and greater employability. The mission is to make education the strongest root of personal growth and success.

Bantani Education


Bantani Education is a non-profit based in Belgium, working collaboratively to drive entrepreneurial and creative learning. By bringing together extensive policy and practical experience, working with public, community and private sector partners to embed entrepreneurial skills into all type of learning. The co-founders and network of associates, working from across Europe work to build collaborations and initiatives involving policy makers, educators, community and the private sector, to embed high quality entrepreneurial and creative learning practice and policy into formal and non-formal learning.

I-Box Create


I-BOX CREATE S.L. is a Spanish SME working in Strategic Consultancy since 2013 and formed by a group of technicians with more than 15 years’ experience in R&D, and Training activities. IBOXC is devoted to the generation of innovation-led solutions that can solve the challenges imposed by today’s society. IBOXC is dedicated to the development of new ideas, services and models to tackle social problems and generate changes in the society enabling the human capital with tools that can engender a positive and sustainable change. In this way, they are devoted to Social Innovation projects and activities development, especially those related with SMEs and Digitalisation Transition, Women Empowerment (salary gap, gender equality, STEM), Entrepreneurship based on new technologies and gamification and Circular Economy for SMEs. IBOX works in H2020, ERASMUS+ and National own projects which led us to achieve the INNOVATE LABEL from the Spanish Ministry.

Valsts Izglitibas Satura Centrs


VISC (National Centre for Education) is a public administration body reporting to the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia. VISC is responsible for the implementation of education policy at the national level, the main functions of the centre include: development of general and vocational education curricula; development and implementation of national examinations in general and vocational education; coordination of: textbook development; state language proficiency testing; support systems for children with special needs and gifted and talented students, teacher continuing professional development; non-formal career oriented education system; implementation of projects.

VISC closely cooperates with schools, colleges and universities, local authorities, entrepreneurs, different businesses, Employer’s Confederation of Latvia, Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Latvian Chamber of Crafts.