Jobs4Tech Assessment tool

Jobs4Tech is an online platform where students can answer the 2BDigital competence questionnaire.

New technologies are an emerging industry creating employment opportunities and entrepreneurial possibilities. According to projections set out by the European Commission, market demands for qualified information and communications technology (ICT) specialists will not be met, seeing a shortfall of up to 500,000 ICT professionals in 2020. Virtual and augmented reality products are among those with some of the highest market demand in the ICT sector.

It is in this context that Acción contra el Hambre launched the Jobs4Tech project which has providing vocational training in the relevant skills for employment and entrepreneurship with these technologies.

The general objective of Jobs4Tech has been to align Vocational Training (VET) with the needs of the labour market in the new technologies sector, and specifically in virtual and augmented reality, to improve the employability of its students.

In the life of the project, 11 VET professors from the technological area and their 140 students have experienced an integrated itinerary in the field of virtual and augmented reality, which contemplates in a coordinated way both the teaching of technical skills and the necessary competencies for work as an employee or self in this sector.

This project has been led by Acción contra el Hambre (Spain), and Germany, Estonia, Lithuania, as partner countries of the project.