2BDigital Competences Assessment Methodology and Tool

2BDigital has created a competences assessment methodology based on the 2BDigital Competence Framework for learning, working and living in a digital world.

The 2BDigital competences assessment methodology responds to the challenge of measuring the level and development of students’ transversal competences for employment, entrepreneurship and digital life (e.g. teamwork, creativity, communication, etc.), in order to assess the impact that training in transversal competences has meant for them.

This assessment can be made using the Jobs4Tech Competences Evaluation Tool, a web tool that provides a personal report for students on their competence level, their evolution, and also allows teachers to obtain a group report of the average competences of a group of students or class.

This knowledge about the level and evolution of student’s competences will allow teachers to adapt and continuously improve their teaching practice.