What is 2BDigital?

The COVID-19 crisis has made it even more evident how global, instable, volatile, and increasingly more technological driven and dependant our society and labour market is, and the urgent need for citizens to develop competences to constantly adapt to change, and to the digital way of living, working and learning.

The already preoccupying figures of youth unemployment in Europe have been quickly surpassed due to the socioeconomic crisis derived from the COVID-19 pandemic, doubling the overall unemployment rate, and reaching peaks of more than 40% in several European countries.

2BDigital aims to develop teachers’ pedagogical digital competences, to efficiently teach and train online and to protect all young people’s educational opportunities, especially of those most at risk, during and following the pandemic.

Transversal competences have proved to play a key role in remaining in educational, social and employment settings, therefore VET must adapt to provide a high quality and inclusive online training, adapted to the needs of all the students, including those at-risk, which integrates the development of these key competences.

2BDigital innovates in the definition of a Competence Framework, that integrates three European competence frameworks, LifeComp, EntreComp, and DigComp, exploring which transversal competences associate to digital competences for a successful adaptation and engagement to learning and working in the digital era.

Find out more with the 2BDigital Project flyer, available in English, Spanish, Croatian and Latvian.

Our Objectives

To improve VET teachers’ transition to digital education, increasing the effectiveness of their teaching, and preventing their burnout.

To increase the engagement in online education of VET students, in order to reduce dropouts and early leavers, and boost their professional development and employability in the new digital society.

Our Outcomes

Transversal competences framework for learning and working in the new digital society

Online methodology for transversal competences development in VET

Online transversal competences assessment methodology and tool

VET teachers’ pedagogical digital competences and resources are strengthened, to promote students’ transversal competences in online training through online training and MOOC

Lower and upper-secondary VET students’ transversal and digital competences are enhanced through online training, to boost their motivation in and engagement with education

Who we work with

Lower and upper-secondary VET students and teachers

Educational Community

TVET institutions

Youth programme trainers

Young people not in education, employment or training (NEETS)

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