The 2BDigital Methodology

The 2BDigital Competences Teaching, Learning and Assessing Methodology: On-line methodology for transversal competences development in TVET proposes a methodology with which to teach, develop and evaluate transversal digital competences for learning, working and living in the digital world.

Following the principles of agile methodologies such as SCRUM and focusing on project-based learning, the methodology offers a programme to foster social entrepreneurship focused on SDG challenges while developing key competences such as collaboration in digital environments, content creation or online wellness.

In this guide, you will find:

  • A first seminar for teachers: Here we explain the methodology, tools and procedures to develop and evaluate the competences.
  • A summary sheet to develop, step by step, each of the 5 sprints. It contains links to the key activities and suggested times.
  • A summary sheet and a guide to develop the reflection and recognition seminar to conclude the methodology.
  • Guidance for teachers corresponding to each sprint: more detailed information to facilitate the development of each of the sprints from a greater
    knowledge of the subject to be addressed and the approaches that promote it.
  • Links to other online tools and resources that can be useful for online teaching.
  • The complete competence evaluation methodology proposed with alternative approaches for a quantitative assessment and a more detailed explanation.

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