European Webinar II was held on 3 April 2023 in order to further disseminate the Erasmus+ project 2BDigital, topics it focuses on and its results.

Four international speakers gave the following lectures:

  • Effective feedback (Elena Xeni, Cardet Cyprus)
  • Creating social and business projects already at school (Aina Špaca, VISC Latvia)
  • Project-based learning: advantages, online education and how to do it (Constanza Ramis Ferrer, ACH Spain)
  • Using digital technologies to make classes more engaging (Amalija Pahor, AVETAE Croatia).

The participants rated the webinar as excellent and very useful, as they were able to learn about new opportunities for improving digital skills, using Tik Tok and Chat GPT in the learning process, as well as some new approaches to learning and giving feedback to students. Some of them were even encouraged to think about the use of teamwork in practical education in the profession. They also expressed their willingness to learn more about self-assessment tools for students and to share good practices, which are certainly ideas for organizing new webinars.

We are sharing the speakers’ presentations for anyone who missed our webinar!

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