2BDigital Training for Trainers

Join us on October the 6th to learn new methods and tools to teach and assess transversal digital competences 

The pandemic worked as a catalyst for the digitisation of education and the transition to distance and online teaching and learning.  

  • Learners had to adapt to a new online learning environment, which demands specific digital, personal, and transversal competences to keep up with it, what has been especially difficult for at-risk learners, increasing their risk of dropout. 
  • Teachers had to convert physical classrooms into digital learning environments overnight, and many times did not know how to take advantage of the potential of digital technologies to provide an effective e-learning experience to their students, especially those at-risk. 

In 2BDigital, we have been working to provide TVET teachers an innovative online teaching and learning methodology, to promote student’s transversal and digital competences defined in the 2BDIGITAL Competence Framework, through online collaborative entrepreneurship project-based learning (PBL). 

This methodology aims to boost student engagement in online education, reducing dropouts, and supporting teachers to increase the efficiency of the preparation and effectiveness of the provision of their online teaching practice, assuring their wellbeing.   



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